August 3, 2009

Library Picks: I Love Trucks & Alice the Fairy

Alice the Fairy by David Shannon
I was so happy to find a David Shannon book this week that we hadn't read before. On top of that, this really appealed to Peanut due to his recent obsession with fairies. Alice is a very confident preschooler who truly believes she is a fairy with magical powers. But admittedly, she needs to work on the spells to make her dog do tricks. If you love David Shannon books like we do, check this one out.

I Love Trucks by Shari Halpern

While Peanut loves books and always has, Sprout would rather play with his toy cars or climb on the furniture. But finally, I found a book that he wants to read! I guess I should have known he'd eventually be drawn to a book about things that go (he is obsessed with cars, trucks, airplanes, helicopters, etc.). The pictures are bright and colorful. The text has a very simple and cute rhyme. Just about perfect for a 20-month-old.

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