May 11, 2009

Library Picks (We heart David Shannon!)

We discovered a lot of great books this week. In fact, our "losers" aren't as bad as usual! I think we also found our new favorite children's book author in the process. Next week we are going to check out some toddler cookbooks. I can't wait!


The Winners

No David by David Shannon
When I first saw this book at a local toy store when Peanut was a baby I was a little freaked-out. The cover features a bald toddler with sharp jack-o-lantern teeth grinning an evil grin. But now that Peanut is a rambunctious, trouble-making, independent preschooler I can very much relate to this book. Apparently, so can Peanut. While little David gets in trouble with his Mommy all day, the lesson at the very end is that his Mommy still loves him no matter what...and she is always there to give him the hugs he needs.

Good Boy, Fergus! by David Shannon
I think we are officially David Shannon fans now. Good Boy, Fergus! is HILARIOUS! We all laugh each time we read it out loud. Fergus is an adorable little white terrier that is a terrible listener, doesn't know any tricks and loves to chase cats & motorcycles. Even Hubby, who can't stand little "kick-me" dogs, adores little Fergus.

The Losers

Richard Scarry's Best First Book Ever!
by Richard Scarry
I have to say it. As much as I think Richard Scarry books are great for my kids...I can't stand reading them. We must have five Richard Scarry books at home, but Peanut HAD to bring this one home. IT IS NOT A STORY! It is a great big book full of pictures and random vocabulary words. He begs for us to read it at bed time and it's like literary torture. I now refer to it as a "read to yourself" book.

Hoptoad by Jane Yolen
We have some mixed reviews in our house on this one. I think it's sort of cute and the illustrations are really great. Hubby, however, thinks it is dark and teaches a strange lesson about the dangers of cars. I think it teaches some undeniable facts about roadkill. Peanut likes looking at the pictures of the desert. In the story, Hoptoad tries to cross a desert road when a truck comes his way. The driver stops when he thinks he has hit the toad, gets out of his truck & finds Hoptoad underneath...alive. He and his son rescue Hoptoad by placing him on the other side of the road. that I've typed out that summary I'll admit it's a little strange.

Enjoy more Library Picks!

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