April 23, 2009

Library Picks: Pizza! Pizza!


The Winners

Pete's a Pizza by William Steig
This book gets all of us giggling. Pete's dad pretends that Pete is a pizza to cheer him up. A perfect book for silly boys with a silly Daddy.

Wild About Books
by Judy Sierra
I love reading this book to Peanut. He thinks it's hilarious that the animals at the zoo love reading, but especially loves the haikus written by the insects in the zoo. This book is also the perfect length. It ends before I'm sick of reading, but is long enough that Peanut usually won't ask for another one when I really want him to go to sleep.

The Losers (only one this time!)

Meow Ruff
by Joyce
Unique...but maybe better for older kids. I'm tempted to take this back to the library when no one is looking. It might have a great story, but since some of the text is green on a darker green background...I CAN'T READ IT! Meow Ruff? More like Boo Hiss.

Enjoy more Library Picks!

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