May 13, 2009

This Digital Mom is Back to Paper

There are a lot of items out there that are supposed to make your life easier as a mom. But I usually find that they are overpriced, well-marketed pieces of useless junk wrapped in trendy fabric. But there are a couple of so-called mommy helpers that I have dropped some serious coin on...and am glad I did.


At first glance this is your usual everyday calendar organizer. Besides the multiple cover choices like lime, fuschia, chocolate or leopard, I couldn't really figure out what justified its $40 price tag. Plus, I'd worked for a major software company for years and was really happy with keeping track of my entire life in Microsoft Outlook. Why would I pay $40 to go to paper? Well, my friends, I'm a paper convert. I LOVE my Momagenda! Yes, my cute lime cover makes me happy. But my favoritest part is the section on each page for four more family members and meal planning! I can keep track of my boys' schedules, my husband's schedule AND what we are having for dinner on any given day. I swear to you that the only reason my family gets a meal (almost) everday is because of that simple little "Dinner" grid. It looks like the 2009-2010 Momagendas are available already too! Should I get lime again? Or maybe tangerine, true-purple or pink faux crocodile!

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