August 14, 2009

Mommy Confessions: Dinner Time & Landscaping

#38 I miss cooking dinner in peace. Most nights I try to start cooking dinner as early as possible. But somehow I still end up with Sprout standing at the baby gate by the kitchen whining and whining and whining. If I toss him a few snacks he'll usually quiet down...temporarily. But if he eats snacks, he won't eat dinner. I long for that chapter in my life where I'll be able to, once again, become completely absorbed in cooking without interruption. When might that be, do you think? When they're in school? High school? When they move out?

#39 We have some major renovation going on at our house right now. Most mornings we can find two to three contractors making noise in our front yard. At first I was dreading the hammering and sawing that would accompany my morning coffee. But do you have any idea how long two little boys will sit still when they can look out the window and watch contractors working with power tools?! It's like their own personal Bob the Builder right in their own front yard! Go watch the construction, boys...Mommy is going to enjoy her cup of coffee!

1 comment:

  1. The snacks while I'm cooking thing drives me insane. Ava will get hungry and grab a cheese stick out of the fridge while I'm making dinner while I keep saying, "No, no, no. I'm making dinner. NO!". And guess what, she won't TOUCH her meal 'cause now she's full! I forgot you still have a gate up and I got instantly jealous. You might think it's hard having them stand there and whining but try having that while they are under your feet, in your way and they have access to the fridge. Ugh.