August 29, 2009

First Day of School

Dear Peanut,
In exactly two weeks and two days you will attend your first day of preschool. I am so excited on so many levels. You are definitely ready for school this year and I can't wait to see your reaction. The closer you get to 4, the more inquisitive, curious and excited you seem to get about learning. I can't wait to hear about your first day, see your first art project, hear about snack time, story time and outside time. Will you like your teacher? Will you like the other kids in your class? Will you miss your brother and me while you are at school?

I'm also excited to get a little break a few times a week. You are so energetic and fascinated by the world around you...I feel like I can't keep up some days. We have started to butt heads a lot and I honestly think the short break will work wonders for both of us.

But mostly I'm excited to see you growing up. It happens so fast. But I'm proud and honored to be your Mommy and to be the one that gets to witness every moment of your important childhood milestones.



  1. The first day of preschool is so exciting! We just did that last year. I hope Peanut enjoys it as much as TJ did!

  2. What an exciting time for all of you! I remember when my oldest went to PreK. He loved it and I hope Peanut does as well.