July 17, 2009

Mommy Confessions: Guilt

#32 I'm having an issue with Mommy Guilt lately. It all started with a recent "conversation" I had with an extended family member about the behavior of my children at a family event. As much as I want to say it didn't bug me, it did. I feel guilty that my kids weren't on their best behavior. I feel guilty that I let someone else's opinion of my parenting bother me. I feel guilty that, even just for a moment, I let someone else's view of my children affect my own view of them.

#33 My 19 month old son has cavities. Cavities! Actually, I think they call them dental caries. Last week I was looking in Sprout's mouth to see if a new tooth had appeared. It hadn't...but some yellow-brown lines and indentations has suddenly appeared on his four front teeth. I was horrified. How have I let my baby's teeth basically rot in his mouth without even noticing?! We are very careful to limit juice, sweets, etc. We brush his teeth well every night. I just feel terrible. He is still nursing and some things I have read suggest breastfeeding could be a culprit (late night feedings), but other things I've read say that breastfed babies are no more likely to get cavities than other babies. We an appointment with a pediatric dentist next week and I'm just dreading what they'll say. Apparently if a child his age needs fillings they have to go under general anesthesia. Seriously? What have I done?

If you think that's bad...


  1. Don't beat up yourself! Breastfeeding has NOTHING to do with this btw. What kind of 'sweets' your son gets?

  2. enithernandez - He hardly gets any sweets. Mostly dried fruit, animal crackers and the occasional ice cream when we go out for a treat. My kids barely drink juice!