July 10, 2009

Mommy Confessions: Another list of lazy confessions

#29 Tonight we got home from vacation and I had nothing planned for dinner. I baked some tilapia for the boys and Peanut says, "Mom, we need something to go WITH our fish." I reply, "Hmmmmm...want some raisins?" I guess I better stop by the store tomorrow.

#30 I stay up way later than I should most nights. But it's the only time the house is completely quiet and I just want to be awake and enjoy it!

#31 Before we had kids I would say, "My pets are my kids." Now they are just the dog and the cat. Or when they make a mess I tell Hubby they are "his dog" or "his cat." For example, "Your f*****g dog pooped in the neighbor's yard again today."

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