September 2, 2009

Potty Training...What's My Problem?

Apparently we are potty training right now. I say apparently, because it is sort of news to me. At 20 months, Sprout started asking to use the potty...and actually used it.

I couldn't wait for Peanut to be potty trained. We bought him his first potty when he was 18 months old, complete with a potty book. We didn't really start to encourage potty training until he was 2.5 years old. We started putting him in pull-ups for daycare, because he would use the potty there. But when I lost my job and became a full-time stay at home mom, he completely regressed. I threw in the towel completely and just put him back in diapers. We had a stack of full sticker charts by then, but it was clear he just wasn't ready. I waited until I knew he was really ready and then just moved him to underwear during the day and pull-ups at night. He was finally ready at 39 months old. One day he was in diapers and the next he was wearing underwear. By day 4 he was leaving the house in underwear. After two weeks he was fully potty trained with the occasional accident at night.

With Peanut being such a "late" potty trainer, imagine my surprise when Sprout wanted to use the potty at 20 months. He asks to use it constantly. He only wants to use the seat ring on the big toilet, not the little potty on the floor (Peanut was the opposite). This morning he woke up, asked me to read him a book & then went straight for the bathroom. Now, most parents would probably be jumping up and down with joy. But I think I'm in denial. I give him a high five, cheer him on...and then put him in a diaper and go on with our day. Am I just trying to keep my toddler a baby? Am I just too lazy to deal with potty training again so soon? Or is it just because it took Peanut so long that I'm hesitant to dive right in?

It's funny to me that I feel as if I've never done this before...even though I just did it 8 months ago.


  1. Nash sits on the potty every night before bath and James keeps telling me he's ready to start :( but I too am just NOT ready. Be it because hes my last baby or whatever I just am not. I am not discouraging him just not activly seeking it out as much as I did with #1!

    I look at Wyatt growing up and I say "awww hes such a big boy" and I am just in aw every day of him growing up and turning 4. But with Nash its utter sadness that he will be turning 2 next month. He is my last and I am mourning that in many ways.

  2. It probably has to do with a couple things. First, PTing was SO frustrating early on with Peanut that you're dreading even the thought of it. Second, this is your baby and you most likely aren't having more kiddos, so it's an extra big deal. Honestly, I was dreading it with A, but when she was ready it went super fast.

    Think how GREAT it would be to not have to deal with diapers anymore!! And, think of all the money you'd save. You can do it! :-D