September 23, 2009

The Countdown to Four

My oldest, Peanut, turns four in October. I am literally counting the days. Not because I'm excited to celebrate the anniversary of his birth or to shower him with gifts. But I'm hoping his fourth birthday will be the day he suddenly decides to chill out! Three-and-a-half has been hard on all of us, Peanut included. Tantrums, attitude, yelling, hitting his brother, talking back, no naps, noise noise noise! I dread meal time. I dread time in the car. I dread any time I have to leave a park, friend's house or school. It seems every attempt to get him to do something we want is met head-on with resistance.

The "terrible twos" were nothing. Two was like a spa day compared to three-and-a-half. I keep hearing from other moms that four is better. "Four gets so much easier." "Four is much more fun." "All of that will get better once he's four."

Please, please, please be true. I need it to be true. Come on, four! Deliver!

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