September 28, 2009

Library Picks: First Human Body Encyclopedia

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First Human Body Encyclopedia by DK Publishing

As I am sure most almost-four-year-olds are, Peanut is fascinated with anything regarding the human body. When he started asking a lot of questions like, "How come by bones don't fall down when I stand up?" or "What's that funny thing hanging in the back of my mouth for?", I did what I always do...I went to the library. The fabulous children's librarian helped me choose this book. At first I thought it might be a little too graphic for a kid so young, but he loved the detailed drawings and photographs. The book explains everything from what your bones are made of to how your taste buds work. It doesn't make for the best bedtime book, but it is excellent for answering nonstop questions about body an age appropriate way. We have renewed this book twice and I think we'll be making it a permanent part of our home library.

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