June 26, 2009

Mommy Confessions: Pride, Pop Tarts & that stupid purple dinosaur

#23 I buy kids' treats and never share them with my kids. Right now, actually, I'm eating a Pop Tart while the boys are napping. They are going boys and shouldn't eat sugary snacks. But I'm an adult...so there!

#24 I trained Peanut to say "yuck" every time he sees Barney-the-stupid-purple-dinosaur. But I think it's going to backfire on me. Yesterday, when asked which show he wanted to watch while I made dinner, he sarcastically suggested, "How about we watch...BARNEY!" I told him I appreciated his sarcastic whit, but that instead we would watch something else.

#25 Sprout is only 19 months old, but very opinionated, stubborn, bossy, fussy & particular about everything. He is not easy-going like Peanut. He knows what he wants and he is not ashamed to let everyone know. As annoying as it can be, it makes me proud.

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  1. We to are a purple dino free house hold!!! :)

    Love these I look forward to them every week!!


  2. I do the exact same thing ... I buy ice cream and cookie and never let my two year old eat them! I thought I was the only person in the world who did that. I figure he'll be old enough sooner than later to catch on and ask for treats, but until then, I'm keeping them to myself. I don't want him to eat junk!