June 8, 2009

Library Picks: Preschool & Jazz

All Winners This Week!

My Preschool by Anne Rockwell
What a cute and simple primer for a future preschooler! Peanut starts preschool in the fall. He is equally excited and nervous. He loves to read this book and talk about all of the things the kids are doing like painting, circle time, etc.. I think the best part of the story is when two boys have a squabble over a toy, they get mad at each other, but are friends again within minutes. Especially for my ultra-sensitive little guy, I love that this book shows you can argue with your friends and still be friends. Any little one who is anxious about starting preschool will be comforted by this story.

This Jazz Man by Karen Ehrhardt
This book is commonly known in my house as "Jass Maaaa!" It is Sprout's favorite book and has been for almost a year. I'm not sure what it is about this book, but both boys love it! The illustrations are beautiful and the story is fun to read. We like to sing it to the tune of "This Old Man" to make it more fun. Each page features a famous jazz musician from Charlie Parker to "Fats" Domino. Every time we read this book, Peanut's job is to find the little gray mouse hidden on every page. This is the kind of book I'll buy for future birthday presents.

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