June 6, 2009

Baby Book Rivalry

I am an only child. I clearly remember, at a very young age, my cousin complaining that her older brother had a big baby book that their mom had filled with photos and milestones. As the second born, her baby book was much smaller, had very few photos and many empty spaces where milestone markers should be. At that time I made a mental note that I would never do that to my children. My children would have equally wonderful and detailed baby books.

Peanut's baby book was carefully tended to for his first two years of life. Every new tooth, new food and "baby's 1st" was written down including date, where we were & sometimes photos. I even had a special section for the handouts from each pediatrician visit. I imagined that the adult Peanut would find much joy in this book when he had children some day.

Before Sprout was born I spent a great amount of time shopping for the perfect baby book. I eventually decided on an Eric Carle baby book that came in a little box and had brightly colored pages with all the beloved Carle characters. I loved the different milestone sections, the numerous spots for ultrasound photos, baby photos, etc. In the first couple of months I was pretty good about updating things that happened...first smile, rolling over and first Christmas. Then I started just writing things down on post-it notes as they happened and shoving them in the box. Around Sprout's first birthday I pulled the baby book out only to be overwhelmed by a pile of post-its that said things like "10/1 tooth lower left front" and "Sept ? clapped". It was a official. I had done exactly what I promised myself I'd never do.

A better mom might have reinstated her promise and worked harder at documenting her baby's special moments. I, however, have decided just to let this one go. Maybe one day I'll take the time to fill in all of the blank lines. Or maybe he won't care if his baby book has entries like "Summer 2009 - Noticed a few more teeth in there." Have I created a future rivalry between siblings? Or is it just a symptom of, what I like to call, Second Child Syndrome?

Other reasons I will not be awarded Mother of the Year.


  1. Oh Thank gosh thank goodness I am not the only one. I really was starting to feel bad but what can ya do. :/ There is not enough time in the day!

    Its totaly Second Child Syndrome unfortunatly.

  2. Katie,

    I am right there with you...


  3. I have one baby (13 1/2 months old) and have been religious about writing down every single detail when it happens. The older he gets, the tougher it is because he is into EVERYTHING!

    I was a second child who used to give my mom a hard time about my baby book being less full than my older brother's book. I forgive her now (even with just one baby)! I know my milestones were just as significant; however, much harder to document with multiple children to take care of.

  4. At least you have something. Ava's baby book is mostly empty and shoved away somewhere in the spare room. Luckily I was good about updating her site/journal her first year and have tons of photos. I plan on using all of that for reference - one day. ;-)