February 19, 2010

Mommy Confessions: Never Say Never

Being a parent means you sometimes do things you thought you'd never do.

Back in October I "confessed" that my kids had never eaten at McDonald's. My husband and I can't stand the place. Everything is really unhealthy and the food gives him digestive issues and me migraines. Well, guess what we did yesterday. That's right. I took the boys to McDonald's. I COULDN'T HELP IT! It wasn't my fault! Our dentist office gave the boys a McDonald's gift card for being such good patients. What was I to do? Plus, I do miss having the occasional chocolate sundaes with nuts. Those are goooooood!

When we left McDonald's after our lunch of chicken nuggets, apple dippers and sundaes Peanut said, "Mommy, the food isn't very healthy here. But it sure is a tasty treat!" I agree. But I think it will be a long time before we go back.

1 comment:

  1. Too funny! Darn that dentist! ;o)

    I took my son ONE time to McDonald's (he is 22 months old) and now every single time he sees a golden arch he says "ummmmm". Here's my blog about it from earlier this month.